Recipes for the Week October 26- November 1

While I originally though to share recipes with the hopes that we would be sticking to our menu plan. But the thing about life is no matter how often you have a plan, things rarely go along with it, so once again, here is what we planned to eat and what we actually ate.

Monday: Smoky Tofu Chili (recipe here)

Tuesday: Coconut Curry Veggie Meatballs (recipe here) *

*we use frozen plant-based meatballs*

Wednesday: Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed with Barley Risotto (recipe here)

Thursday: Kimchi Fried Rice (recipe here)

Friday: Tandoori Spiced Chickpea Bowl (recipes here)

Saturday: Leftovers – I typically try to factor in at least one blank space knowing that every schedule needs some flexibility and/or we will have leftovers that need to be eaten.

Sunday: Brussels Sprouts Tacos (recipe here)

We mostly stuck to the plan this week, with a few variations and a little shuffling.

Monday: Veggie Style Lettuce Wraps (recipe here)

Tuesday: Leftovers from last week (Finished off the chickpea pot pie from last week)

Wednesday: Coconut Curry Veggie Meatballs over Rice

Thursday: We tweaked the original recipe – skipped the barely and rather than stuffing the mushrooms we sliced them up and made more of a generic mushroom risotto

Friday: Kimchi Fried Rice

Saturday: Smoky Tofu Chili

Sunday: Focaccia Pizza (we loved the recipe we used last week and just changed the toppings for this week’s pizza)

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